Lightweight ‘Vegian’ Apron (Adult)


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All white aprons are very lightweight—ideal for hosting, serving, baking, and staying cool in a warm kitchen!

The ‘Vegian’ apron is an ode to all the vegan and vegetarian Armenians out there! Veg + ian (a very common ending in Armenian last names) = Vegian. The colour green is coupled with the red, blue, and orange of the Armenian flag, the perfect representation for our small but powerful group!


  • Handmade and printed with love in Armenia
  • Available on a white apron
  • Made from a mix of polyester and cotton
  • Has two large pockets in the front
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Can be machine washed or spot cleaned. If ironing, use low setting on backside of apron
  • One size fits most (approximately 28″L x 27″W)

As all aprons are handmade, there may be small discrepancies in sizing and style.


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